Truly sustainable and natural food production

Inspiring cleaner and safer consumption through aquaponically grown produce

Our story

At forthesalad, by Kia farms, we celebrate ecology!

We are a sustainable Aquaponic farm and we believe in harnessing nature’s brilliance and treating it as a blueprint for our systems. Combining the ancient technology of Aquaponics with modern farming techniques and close monitoring of every aspect that affects our produce, we have struck the golden heart of nature-science balance.


We strive to grow our produce without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our system mimics natural symbiotic relationship between fish and plants with minimal intervention.


We advocate energy and resource conservation. Our zero waste system uses considerably less water tan traditional agriculture and eliminates pollution from agricultural runoff.


Our produce is free of antibiotics and chemicals. Conscious cultivation and extremely short farm-to-plate times eliminates prolonged storage and ensures freshness and taste like never before.

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