Who we are

A simple desire to know from where and how the food we consume comes to be, grew into a passion project for sustainability, and Kia farms came into existence. We visited quite a few traditional and modern farms across the country to learn the science behind agriculture and figure out how we could make a difference. In an increasingly ready-to-use world, we chose to go back to the basics and develop our systems from scratch, falling and getting back up again. Our major focus at Kia farms is to develop systems and solutions that are scalable, cost effective and easy to implement. Today we are a small company trying to usher in innovation in agriculture and make it accessible to a generation of conscious consumers; tomorrow, we aspire to be a reckoning force in food production, along with training traditional and modern farmers in the science of modern aquaponics.

ForTheHealth. ForTheEarth. ForTheBetter.

Forthesalad, consciously cultivated.

Akshata Lanjekar